Successive NZ governments have taken action that have narrowed the mission of our tertiary education system.

#lovehumanities is a TEU campaign to reclaim the mission of universities set out in the 1989 Education Act to develop a tertiary education system that:

  • provides for a diversity of teaching and research that fosters,
    throughout the system, the achievement of international standards of learning
  • contributes to the development of cultural and intellectual life in New
  • strengthens New Zealand’s knowledge base and the attainment of social and environmental goals

On 22 February 2017 staff, students, community members and employers across the country will come together for a Day of Action to highlight the vital contribution the humanities, social sciences and arts makes to New Zealand society.

For tertiary education to be a public good and contribute to delivering the goals set up in the Education Act then our universities must teach and research a diversity of subjects, disciplines, and skills.

Staff also need academic freedom and workplace democracy in order to contribute to the designing of curriculum and research programmes which ensure broad based teaching, learning and research.

Join us on 22 February to show your love for the humanities.