“The value of subjectivity – of understanding other cultures, other people, other times – nicola-gaston-2the value of our difference and our diversity: is it not perhaps this that we need most in the era of Trump, in the era of alternative facts?”

Nicola Gaston, Associate Professor, University of Auckland and author of Why Science is sexist

ralph-chapman“I’m a social and environmental scientist. I see the humanities and fine arts as essential to understanding the big issues of the day. I focus especially on climate change, and I believe that the humanities and fine arts are much more adept than the sciences in conveying the meaning and implications of climate change. Unless we can enlist their help in imagining the future, we may not have one.”

Associate Professor Ralph Chapman, Director, Graduate Programme in Environmental Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

“Social sciencat-pauseces and humanities are critical because they teach us empathy, justice, and how to connect, both with ourselves, and also with each other.”

Dr. Cat Pause, Senior Lecturer, Massey University and TEU women’s vice president

“If we do not provide education opportunities in humanities we ignore the fact that we are human. We disregard people. We show disrespect and disdain for the human condition. Worse than that we indicate that learning is only important when it is about employment, business and earning money.”

Carol Soal, Student  Support Coordinator, Ara Institute of Canterbury